"On your journey - in this life - there's still time - to do what you have to do."
That is more or less - the thread through Lars' lyrical universe.

Being a composer since his teens, Lars has been around several stages during 3 decades. Playing in bands all along, his solocareer started emerging during the early 10s - and bursted out with the landing of a publishing contract with the New York label Bentley Records in 2017.

Lars, being a multiplaying musician, sought the soul and sounds of the longtime developed fascination of southern rock, blues and country. Also known as "americana". Alongside gigging Denmark with acts like Coyote Blues Band, Back Soon and WANTED, Lars' halo as a front man became the foundation of the pursuing of a more personal profile.

Experimenting with many styles of music, and openminded exploring of both electronic and classical music, Lars' has been out in the corners of his manytalented musical universe. And after landing the deal with Bentley Records, he migrated from horizontally fascination of music in a broad sense, to a more going-in-depth direction of the americana style.

Although the main target is the alternativ country style, you can find Lars on several recordings - throwing the dices in projects like Public Alert, Blinded Witness and WANTED. A simple search on Spotify will reveal the broadness of his musical talent, and will lead the listener into surprising directions. You will hear celtic tunes, avantgarde jazz, poetry, hard rock and new classical music.

But hey....let's go chainganging!