Let it be known that Lars will be playing the streets of the lovely city of Seville from March 1st to March 8th.

“Since the age of young youth I’ve had this dream of touring Europe with my guitar. Now – reaching the age of wisdom (hopefully!) I will visit several countries during 2022. Looking in the divination ball I predict the pandemic being over in Europe during a month or two. I believe that in the month of April, most restrictions will be over – and I’m sure the warm weather of Spain will kill the bacteria long before.”

Lars is currently searching for payed livegigs in Sevilla, but the arrangers are very cautious making any obligations concerning live music. This is understandable. Having experience several lockdowns during the past two years, certainly have challenged both the economy, but also the trust and boldness of these idealists.

That’s why the troubadour , as a starting point, is turning towards the foundation of all live performance: Busking.
If you, by any means, is in Sevilla in that period, don’t hold back. Come and say “Hi”. See ya!


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