The Irish Rover – Celtic Room

As a part of building “The European Circle” Lars is visiting several venues in Hamburg the first week of July.
Wednesday the 2nd he is, beside playing outdoor at Schiffsbrücke, attacking Open Mic sessions at least two places in this vibrant city. Aiming for Brückenstern in Stresemannstrasse and Hörsaal in Tal Strasse.

Slamming in the door at Nochtspeicher, Knust and Cotton Club the attack on the St. Pauli quarter ends up
Saturday night playing a paid gig at the very special, and authentic venue “The Irish Rover”. The show commences at 8:30 pm.

If the time, and energy, allows it Lars will also be visiting historic and iconic venues as the Mojo Club at Reeperbahn, and the Indra Club 64. Former known as Star Club. The place where The Beatles made their way to immortality.

Let the shit happen!


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